Transfer Station



226 Evansville Ave., Meriden, CT 06451

Days/Hours Open:

Mondays: 10:00AM – 2:00PM

Wednesdays: 7:00AM – 12:00PM

First and Third Saturdays: 7:00AM – 12:00PM

* NOTE: The Transfer Station will be closed during inclement weather and other emergency conditions.

To protect the safety of the public and our workers, DPW personnel are not able to assist with unloading. Therefore, residents are asked to bring sufficient help/assistance to unload their items to help keep low wait times.


Cash or check will be accepted and we encourage exact amounts. 

Car (Sedan/Compact) $10
Crossover/Minivan/SUV $20
Pickup Truck/Full Size Van/Single-Axle Trailer $40

Modified Pickup Truck (Side Additions)/ Dump Tuck

Double-Axle Trailer/U-Haul Box Tuck

Broken/Dirty Mattress/Box Springs $20/each additional 

*City reserves the right to charge additional fees for non-standard or extended vehicles

Transfer Station fees are per vehicle, per use, non-commercial vehicles only, payable at the Transfer Station.  We accept cash and checks.  Checks must have your current phone number printed on them (no starter checks).  Leaves, brush, mattresses and electronic waste accepted from any non-commercial vehicle for no charge. Proof of residency is required.

Items Accepted: (Vehicle fee applies)

  • Broken/Dirty mattresses and box springs (additional $20 fee per item)
  • Bulky waste: furniture, bureaus, tables, chairs, sofas, carpeting
  • Lawnmowers, grass trimmers, snow blowers (MUST have fluids removed)
  • Tires: without rims
  • White metal appliances, bicycles, air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers ( MUST have doors removed)

Items Accepted at No Charge:

  • Brush: NO longer than 4' AND NO wider than 6" in diameter
  • Clean Mattresses and box springs (in good shape)
  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Electronics: televisions, computers, DVRs, coffee makers, microwaves
  • Leaves: in paper bags (leaves in plastic bags MUST be emptied and the bags carried out) 

Items NOT Accepted

Auto and truck parts Hazardous waste: asbestos, biomedical waste, oil-base paints, toxics, fertilizers
Construction debris and roofing materials Household garbage
Excavation materials (asphalt, rocks, concrete) Oil Tanks, Propane Tanks
Explosives, ammunition Tree stumps, bush stumps, root and root balls and grass clippings
Gas, oil, antifreeze Wood (pressure and non-pressure treated)

Electronic Waste - NO Charge

Answering machines Cameras
Cell phones Computer cables and wires
Computer keyboards Computer mice
Computer monitors (CRT and flat screen) Copiers
CPUs, notebook computers, laptop computers, towers, servers Disk drives
DVD players Fax machines
Fluorescent bulbs (straight, u-shaped, round CFL bulbs) Handheld computer devices
HID lamps MP3 players
Printed circuit boards Printers
Projectors  Radios
Satellite descramblers/receivers Scanners
Stereos Tape recorders
Televisions (CRT and flat screens) Telephone systems
VCR players Video cameras
Video game systems  


Blenders Blow dryers
Coffee makers Microwaves
Small household electrical items Toasters


Any hauler, landscaper or contractor that brings bulky waste or yard waste from a property, other than their own for a fee, must have valid Commercial User’s Permit to use Transfer Station. All contractors must be registered by August 1 each year to be eligible to use the Meriden Transfer Station. Only passenger or combination-plated vehicles registered in the City of Meriden may be permitted. Please contact Public Works at (203) 630-4018 for more details.

What to do with:

Auto & truck parts Junk Yards/ Salvage Companies
Construction debris and roofing material See Private Transfer Stations and ReUse Centers below
Excavation Materials (Clean) asphalt, rocks, concrete Hubert Butler, Portland, CT 860-342-3880
Explosives/Ammunition Police/Safety Department
Gas, Oil, Antifreeze Tradebe, 136 Gracey Ave, Meriden, CT 203-238-6745
Grass Clippings

Hazardous Waste Regional Water Authority, New Haven - Seasonal (May-Oct.)
Household Garbage Curbside pickup with private trash hauling company
Oil Tanks Call your oil company
Propane Tanks Hines Hardware, 231 Maple Ave, Cheshire, CT 203-272-4463
Recycling (glass, plastic, newspaper)  Curbside Recycling pickup with private trash hauling company
Wood (pressure and non-pressure treated) See private transfer stations below 

Private Transfer Stations (contact directly for items they accept):

CCRT - AJ Waste Systems
22 Burton Dr. Cheshire, CT. 06410
8:00am to 1:00pm Saturdays   CASH ONLY
Click here for Brochure
Click here for Pricing

415 Christian Lane, Berlin  Minimum fee is $60
Click here for Brochure

CCRR - HQ Dumpsters 
65 Triano Dr, Southington, CT 06489
Click here for Brochure

Propane Tanks:

Hines Hardware
231 Maple Ave
Cheshire, CT 06410

Gas Works
201 Church St
Route 68
Yalesville, CT 06492


Paint can be disposed of a select drop off locations in Connecticut through the "Paint Care" program. Information on this program can be found here:

  A Resident's Management Guide For Those Not-So-Common Household Items

Transfer Station Commercial Users List