Development & Enforcement

The Development and Enforcement Department is composed of three divisions: Planning, Building, Code Enforcement / Neighborhood Preservation.

Planning Division focuses on the overall growth and development of the City.  One of the main functions is to develop and oversee the implementation of strategies to address the physical needs of the community.  Planning Division is responsible for formulating and updating the City’s Development Plan every 10 years.  Planning Division is involved in reviewing and approving all subdivisions and site plans, enforcing the land use regulations (zoning, subdivision and wetland, etc.)  The Planning Division is also responsible for all environmental and urban design activities.

Staff handles the administration and enforcement responsibilities for the Planning Commission, Design Review Board, Inland Wetlands and Watercourse Commission, Conservation Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals,  and the Economic Development, Housing and Zoning Committee of the City Council.

Building Division ensures that all buildings in the city are structurally stable and conform to all building codes, city codes and city ordinances.  This division issues permits and oversees erection of all structures, additions, alterations, repairs, removals, demolitions and the installation of all mechanical equipment.

Code Enforcement Division’s main objective is to ensure a high quality of life in residential buildings.  Housing Inspectors inspect residential buildings and premises to determine compliance with codes, to conducting exterior surveys to insure compliance to code regulations regarding the general maintenance of residential building, the division investigates all complaints regarding sub-standard, unsafe and unsanitary housing conditions.

Forms for the Development and Enforcement Department are now available online.