Neighborhood Associations

It Takes A Neighborhood...

The City of Meriden is able to maintain the spirit of a close knit community with the help of the Council of Neighborhoods which is the parent organization of our neighborhood associations.  Meriden boasts nearly 30 groups of residents and business owners who collectively act to instill safety, pride, and a sense of togetherness in their neighborhoods.  The City of Meriden provides neighborhood associations with a Neighborhood Initiative Unit Officer and a Code Enforcement Officer as well as supporting the activities that each association undertakes.

Visible signs of each neighborhood association hard at work include neighborhood association signs in neighborhoods and businesses that raise safety awareness and help to limit the amount of suspicious and criminal activities that occur in and around each neighborhood.  Neighborhood Initiative Unit Officers further the sense of safety by walking their designated neighborhoods, regularly attending neighborhood association meetings,  and serving as a resource for individuals and each association. Neighborhood Initiative Unit officers and the associations sponsor many programs for neighborhood residents of all ages

Meriden’s neighborhood associations strive to enhance neighborhood spirit and pride by creating a social atmosphere at neighborhood picnics and other social events which improves the quality of life for our neighbors. A social atmosphere is created at neighborhood picnics and social events such as pasta suppers and ice cream socials.  Neighborhood associations also help residents come together in times of crisis.  Associations help residents recover from fires and personal tragedies.  They also help residents unite and speak with a singular voice when issues that affect their neighborhood arise. 

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