Pension Board

Maryann Santos  (R)
216 Oxford Court
Exp. 1/31/2018
(for Murdy)

William Kroll (D)  Vice-Chair (elected 9/13/16)
70 Spice Hill Road
Exp. 1/31/2019
(replaces Vega)

Michael Cardona (D)
74 Lanouette Street Ext.
Exp. 12/1/2019 -Council Term 

Joseph Carabetta III (WTP)
187 Canyon Drive
Exp. 12/1/2019- Council Term 

Justino Sampaio (U)
35 Lou Ann Terrace
Exp. 1/31/2020 (replaces Lilienthal)

John DiRoma (R)
228 Metacomet Drive
Exp. 1/31/2020

Patrick Ladd (Employee Rep.)
George Delmastro (Police Employee Rep.) 
Robert Alia (Fire Employee Rep.)
John Beardsley (Board of Ed Employee Rep.) Chairman
Marci Nogueira, Director of Human Resources

Michael Lupkas,  Director of Finance 
3010 East Main St. 
Bridgeport, CT  06610