Animal Control

Location: 311 Murdock Avenue

Staff Directory

The Animal Control Division is an arm of Police Operations tasked with enforcing state and local ordinances regarding domestic animals.  Animal Control Officers investigate all reports of animal bites, animal nuisance, roaming dogs, and other animal related complaints.  Animal Control Officers are tasked with investigating animal cruelty complaints, caring for sick or injured animals, impounding dangerous animals and managing the Animal Control Facility.  During off-hours, Meriden Police Officers will respond to all animal complaints and take appropriate action.

Meriden Animal Control Officers work closely with the State of Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, the Meriden Humane Society and the Connecticut Humane Society.

The Animal Control Facility is located at 311 Murdock Avenue.  This is not a 24-hour facility.
If you have animal-related complaints, please call the Animal Control Officers at 203-235-4179.  During off-hours, please call the Emergency Communications Center at 203-238-1911

For sick or injured animals, please call 203-238-1911 and a dispatcher will notify the on-call Animal Control Officer.  Sick or injured animals can be DANGEROUS.  Please call immediately and keep away from a sick or injured animal.  

If you have a general wildlife problem such as a skunk or raccoon in the yard,  please contact the Department of Environmental Protection. Their organization maintains a list of wildlife officers that can help you with these types of problems. They can be called anytime at 860-424-3333

Animal Control Officers work a varied schedule.  They work both on-site at the Animal Control Facility and in the field.