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On September 28th, 1868 the Meriden Police Department was formed to provide the citizens of the growing City of Meriden with policing services.  Since its inception, the Meriden Police Department has grown into a budgeted agency of 127 sworn officer positions of various ranks, and numerous civilian support staff.  Over the past 150 plus years, the Meriden Police Department has been led by more than twenty-one (21) different Chiefs of Police. With the current chief, Roberto Rosado, serving as the twenty-first (21st) Chief of Police for the agency. 

Today, the Meriden Police Department’s primary functions include, providing police services to the community, enforcing traffic and noise regulations, investigating crimes, assisting victims of crime, and maintaining law and order throughout the City of Meriden. The Meriden Police Department offers our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and is a Tier III, State Level Accredited Agency. Our officers are deployed in marked and unmarked cruisers, bicycles, motorcycles, specialized patrols, and on foot to meet the needs of the citizens of our community. 

There are four (4) main Divisions within the department: Police Operations Division, Investigative Services Division, Support Services Division, and the Special Services Division with each division comprising of specialized units, teams, offices, and numerous programs that aid and enhance the mission of the agency.  Please refer to the Organizational Chart for further details.

Chief Rosado's command staff consists of:

  • Deputy Chief Jeremiah Scully – Field Operations Bureau
  • Deputy Chief Nicholas Sherwood – Administrative Services Bureau
  • Captain George DelMastro – Support Services Division
  • Captain John Mennone – Police Operations Division
  • Detective Lieutenant Shane Phillips – Investigative Services Division
  • Detective Lieutenant George Clements – Special Services Division

(For detailed biographies of the Command Staff, CLICK HERE )

Chief Rosado has established and implemented the following statements, guidelines, and principles to help lead the agency forward and build upon the honor, professionalism, and outstanding services that have been provided to the citizens of Meriden for more than 150 years.

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Meriden Police Department is to protect life, safeguard property, and enforce the law in an ethical, compassionate, and constitutional manner while using procedural justice to promote fairness, transparency, giving the community a voice and being impartial. The Meriden Police Department will utilize 21st Century policing concepts to provide community based and problem-solving services in an effort to reduce crime, the fear of crime, ensure the safety of our community, enhance the quality of life, and build trust and partnership with our community.

Command Staff Philosophy:
The Meriden Police Department’s philosophy and values are combined to meet our goals. Command Staff principles reflect the guiding Philosophy of the Meriden Police Department. Every Commander owes it to their First Line Supervisors and the Officers they lead to explain our Philosophy supporting the direction of the Meriden Police Department. The Meriden Police Department will utilize 21st Century Policing concepts while maintaining traditional and proven Law Enforcement strategies to reduce criminal activity.  The Command Staff Philosophy is designed to set guidance and direction, establish goals, set standards, and communicate expectations to all personnel.

Agency Motto:
The Meriden Police Department's motto "Working in partnership with the community" is demonstrated by our partnership with the Meriden Council of Neighborhoods and other community based organizations within the City. 

Core Values:
“Polish the badge when no one is looking”

  • Integrity: We will embrace honesty and professionalism regardless of public eye.
  • Fairness: We will promote accountability, transparency and equal treatment.
  • Respect: We will treat the community and each other with dignity.
  • Service: We will serve the community with courage and honor.
  • Teamwork: We will work with each other and with our partners to accomplish our goals.


The Meriden Police Department is committed to reducing and deterring crime through traditional Law Enforcement and community based and problem-solving services. Increased training and 21st Century policing concepts will be used to bridge the gaps between Police Officers and the public in order to strengthen community trust and build relationships. We will strive for organizational excellence in training and performance and become the Law Enforcement leaders in our community and state.

  • Reduce Crime
  • Implement Professional Development and Training Standards
  • Strengthen Community Trust and Relationships
  • Achieve Organizational Excellence
  • Be fair, transparent, and impartial 

 Vision Statement:
The vision of the Meriden Police Department is to be a leader in Law Enforcement through strong community partnerships, professionally developed staff, enhanced technology, and accomplishment of the stated goals and adhering to our values. The Meriden Police Department will continue to meet the required expectations for Accreditation Standards within the State of Connecticut and through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc.

Leadership Philosophies:

Accountability and Responsibility – Every leader is responsible and accountable for everything their Division does or does not accomplish. Although each and every Officer is responsible for his/her own actions, accountability and responsibility will be put on the shoulders of each supervisor.

Safety – Every member of the Meriden Police Department is responsible for safety and it is vital to Officer well-being. We can also train aggressively without sacrificing safety or the welfare of the Officers. It’s up to Division Commanders and training Officers to provide a safe training environment for Officers to train safely and prepare Officers for success. All Officers while engaged in the performance of their duties shall utilize safety measures to work in a safe and responsible manner.

Officer Welfare – All Supervisors are responsible for Officer Welfare and shall extend our care to each member’s family. An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and other required counseling will be provided to Officers in need when requested by the individual member or from recommendations made by peers or supervisors. EAP may also be extended to family members when conditions or events require it.

Department Maintenance, Recruitment & Retention – Without Officers, we can’t accomplish the goals set forth by the Command Staff and continue the special assignments available to Officers. Therefore, we will challenge every member of the Meriden Police Department to assist in recruiting and training new Officers to meet the Meriden Police Department standards. Retention will fall on the shoulders of the First Line supervisors and Command staff and are responsible for, but not limited to, improving morale, training, and promotional or other opportunities within the department to retain members of the department. “We will listen to staff”.

Standards & Training “The key to a unit’s readiness and preparedness is training” – The Meriden Police Department Standard and Training will be guided by POST requirements and 21st Century Police practices. All Officers will be offered training based on mandated requirements, the need for additional training, and as an incentive based upon individual performance and/or interest. All Officers will be trained to meet community and Department expectations.

Unity of Command – One Division Commander will be responsible for all Officers in his/her specific Division and each Officer in that specific Division should only report to one Division Commander when feasible. This does not create – or, is not intended to be- a barrier to effective communication between divisions, which is essential to Department success.

Chain of Command – Although the Meriden Police Department is a para-military organization and the Command Staff believes in the chain of command, it is understood that communication is very important. Effective two-way communication via the chain of command is extremely important, but understood that at times it’s more valuable to have personal communication. Administrative staff will have an open door policy and strive to maintain open channels of communication in order to speak with Officers individually. Effective communication will be a balancing act and key to Department and individual success.


We encourage all residents to take an active part in your community by joining your Neighborhood Associations.  Visit the Council of Neighborhoods website for more information.

An Officer’s Oath of Office:

I, __ (state your name) ___, do solemnly swear (or affirm), that I will support and defend the Constitutions, Laws, and Statutes of the United States of America and of the State of Connecticut…

That on my honor, I will never betray my badge, my integrity, or the public’s trust…

That I shall faithfully and impartially, discharge the duties of my office, to the best of my knowledge and ability, so help me God.

In an emergency call 911! 

Police non-emergency calls - 203-238-1911

To report drug activity in your neighborhood, email the Crime Suppression Unit or call 203-630-6273

To report Quality of Life issues in your neighborhood, email the NI Supervisor or call 203-630-6251

To report Traffic and Parking complaints, email the Traffic Unit Officer

To report tips for violent crimes, email the Major Crimes Unit or call 203-630-6253