Neighborhood Initiative Unit

The Neighborhood Initiative Unit is responsible for targeted areas where there have been higher levels of crime or minor offenses that have impacted the quality of life of the residents.  Formerly the Community Police Division, this unit has new responsibilities and has forged a lasting partnership with the Neighborhood Associations and the Meriden Council of Neighborhoods. 

The Neighborhood Initiative Unit meets regularly with the Neighborhood Association members, plans enforcement in problem areas, and works closely with other agencies and groups to bring positive change to the neighborhoods the unit covers.  One of the major focuses of the N.I. Unit is to build and maintain connections and trust with members of the community.  

If you would like to take an active part in your neighborhood association, click on the Meriden Council of Neighborhoods website and attend an Association Meeting.  Neighborhood Initiative Officers and Supervisors attend meetings and want to hear your feedback. 

Neighborhood Officers and Contact Information 
The members of the Neighborhood Initiative Unit work varied schedules to address crime problems and quality of life issues in their areas. 

Lieutenant Hector Cardona, Jr.  - Neighborhood Initiative Unit Commander Email

Officer Daniel Remeika - Email

Officer Jazmin Delgado - Email

Officer William White - Email

Officer Ryan Murphy - Email

Officer Jena Villecco - Email


School Resource Officers and Contact Information 

The School Resource Program is an integral part of building trust through positive interactions with the city's youth, and as such, falls under the Neighborhood Initiative Unit's supervision

Officer Markhugh Arscott - School Resource Officer, Maloney High School Email

Officer Ericka Garcia - School Resource Officer, Platt High School Email

Officer Corey Sampson - School Resource Officer, Washington Middle School Email

Officer Daniel Verselli - School Resource Officer, Lincoln Middle School Email

Officer Devonte Savage - School Resource Officer, Edison Middle School Email