Meriden Police Cadets


The Meriden Police Cadets were founded in 1981.  The Cadets are a nonprofit organization sponsored and administrated by the Meriden Police Department and are affiliated with the North East Regional Law Enforcement Educational Association –(NERLEEA)

 Our primary goal is to provide different aspects of Police work that may build a foundation of knowledge for a career in Law Enforcement.

 Who can become a Police Cadet?

The Meriden Police Cadet program is for young adults between the ages of 14 and 21 years who are interested in Law Enforcement.  The program prepares these young adults to mature and become responsible, caring adults.  It is also an EXCELLENT opportunity to learn and experience Law Enforcement as a career choice.  Cadets form unique relationships with trained and certified Police instructors as they are exposed to the many facets of Law Enforcement including the duties and responsibilities of a Police Officer, forensic science, investigation, self-defense, firearms and weaponry.  Cadets are invited to participate in our ride-along program and are allowed to ride with patrol officers and respond to police calls, participating in the normal routines of community policing. Cadets also learn proper radio operating procedures, how to write police logs and reports, and how to interact with different individuals in the community. Cadets may also assist officers in a variety of situations including directing traffic at accident scenes and routine investigations.


How can I become a Police Cadet?

If you have any questions regarding the Meriden Police Cadets or are interested in becoming a member, call us at 203-630-3841 or send an email to 

You can also obtain an application from an existing Cadet or at the front desk at the Meriden Police Department and send to:  
                                            ATTN: POLICE CADET PROGRAM
                                            MERIDEN POLICE DEPARTMENT
                                            50 WEST MAIN STREET
                                            MERIDEN, CT.  06451     


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