Staff Directory

Police non-emergency calls - 203-238-1911.
To report Narcotics activity in your neighborhood, you can email or
 call 203-630-6273.

For animal complaints, call Animal Control Officers at 203-235-4179.  After hours, dial 203-238-1911.

The following Directory of Divisions and Units offers a quick view of the Meriden Police Department:

Office of the Chief 203-630-6300
Other Staff  
Police Operations Division   
Captain John Mennone, Commander  203-630-6323
Watch Commanders  
Lieutenant Cody Kroeber, First Watch 203-630-6258
Lieutenant Chris Fry, Second Watch 203-630-6262
Lieutenant Antonio Carusone, Third Watch 203-630-6251
Animal Control  203-235-4179
Accident Investigation/Reconstruction Unit   
Sergeant Stanley Zajac  203-630-6209
Tactical & Special Operations Unit   
Sergeant J. Rasczewski, Team Leader  203-630-6215
Detective D. Visconti, Assistant Team Leader 203-630-6252
Neighborhood Initiative and School Resource Officers  
Lieutenant Hector Cardona, Jr., Supervisor 203-630-6272
Officer Daniel Remeika 203-630-3870
Officer Jazmin Delgado 203-630-3802
Officer William White 203-630-3891
Officer Ryan Murphy 203-630-3868
Officer Jena Villecco 203-630-3897
Officer Markhugh Arscott, Maloney High School 203-238-2334
Officer Ericka Garcia, Platt High School 203-235-7962
Officer Daniel Verselli, Lincoln Middle School 203-238-2381
Officer Corey Sampson, Washington Middle School  203-235-6606
Scheduling Services Office  
Ms. Diane Ritchie 203-630-6305
Investigative Services Division  
Detective Lieutenant Shane Phillips, Commander 203-630-6281
Major Crimes Unit  
Detective Sergeant John Wagner 203-630-6272
Detective Jon Femia 203-630-6219
Detective Daniel McKenna  203-630-6284
Detective Ben Pellegrini 203-630-6297
Detective Thomas Giannakopoulos 203-630-6285
Detective Jad Hadir  203-630-6250
Detective Maria Case 203-630-62596
Major Crimes Tip Line 203-630-6253
Special Crimes Unit  
Detective Sergeant Erik Simonson 203-630-6318
Detective Kevin Ieraci 203-630-6294
Detective Gary Szlachetka 203-630-6295
Detective Erica LeSage 203-630-6265
Detective Michael Shedlock 203-630-6339
Crime Suppression Unit  
Detective Sergeant Michael Fonda  203-630-4178
Detective John-Paul Dorais  203-630-6280
Detective Dave D'Onofrio 203-630-6286
Detective Patrick McCarthy 203-630-6279
Narcotics Tip Line  203-630-6273
Criminal Identification Unit  
Detective Sergeant Dective Visconti  203-630-6252
Detective John Cerejo 203-630-6268
Detective James Decrisantis 203-630-6267
Property and Evidence  
Mr. Bill Carsten 203-630-6244
Support Services Division   
Captain George Delmastro, Commander 203-630-6290
Court Liason  
Corporal Gabriel Mejias 203-630-6283
Professional Development Unit  
Sergeant John Slezak 203-630-6292
Officer Kenneth Egan 203-630-6274
MPD fleet Garage  
Mr. Allan Jandreau 203-630-6231
Professional Standards Unit (Internal Affairs)  
Lieutenant Darrin McKay 203-630-6344
Sergeant Michael Boothroyd 203-630-6291
Special Services Division   
Detective Lieutenant George Clements, Commander 203-630-6287
Mr. David Puska, Records Supervisor 203-630-6256
Ms. Tanya Cardona - Records, Licensing, Permits & Fleet 203-630-6237
Ms. Roxanne Clark 203-630-6313
Ms. Cynthia Dipalma 203-630-6236
Ms. Nicole Olive 203-630-6315
Fax # - Records Division 203-630-6257
Technology Unit  
Officer Christopher Blake  203-630-6299
Officer Czeslaw Gierz 203-630-6255
Social Outreach and Crisis Intervention 203-630-6218