Human Rights, Racial Equity and Social Justice Advisory Board

Rhudean Raye (D)
16 Rogers Dr.
Exp. 1/31/2022

Ronald Scott (R)
89 Sylvan Road
Exp. 1/31/2022

Hector Cardona, Sr. (R)
72 Amity St.
Exp. 1/31/2021

Vanessa Hutchins (D)
212 Olive Street
Exp. 1/31/2022

Susan Niemczyk (D)
91 Douglas Drive
Exp. 1/31/2020

Lawrence Johnson (R)
32 Glen Hills Rd.
Exp. 1/31/2020

Laura Elliott (D)
6 Quarry Lane
Exp. 1/31/2020

 Vacancy for 1/31/21 (D)
Vacancy for 1/31/21 (R)

Staff Liaison to Board
Atty. Stephanie Dellolio, Secretary
Human Rights Advocate, Meriden Law Dept.
Meriden City Hall, 142 E. Main St.