NOTICE: May 13, 2024 is the last day that an enrolled elector can transfer from one party to another and be eligible to vote in state, district or municipal office of new party for the August 13, 2024  primary election.

If you received a notice in the mail from the City Clerk, your voting district has changed. You can access the new map below as well as your new voting locations


6- Thomas Edison Middle School 11- Israel Putnam School 1- Platt High School
7- Fire House Chamberlain Highway  12- Hanover School 2- Community Towers
8- Upper Room Christian Center 13- Lincoln Middle School  3- John Barry School
9- Maloney High School   4- St. Rose Community Center
10- St. John's Lutheran Church   5- Immanuel Lutheran Church 


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The City of Meriden Department of Elections and Voting is under the leadership of Staci M. Roy (D) and Suzanne Flynn (R).

The two Registrars of Voters are the chief election officials of the city, conducting all primaries, elections and special elections held within the City of Meriden.

They are responsible for maintaining the integrity of the City's Election process, the machinery used to cast ballots, and the counting of all absentee ballots, including preserving the privacy of all votes and the accuracy of the vote count.

In all elections, the Registrars manage a process that includes a staff of over 200 part time employees, including their hiring, training, and supervision, as well as directing the set-up and final inspection of all voting machines.

The Registrars personally conduct Absentee Ballot voting at qualified convalescent homes within the city and provide voter registration services at local high schools.

The registrars maintain enrollment and registration lists, deal with civil rights concerns including racial and handicapped issues, as well as a variety of matters ranging from increased voter participation, the motor voter bill, national voters rights, freedom of information, redistricting and demands for modern technology.

The Registrars conduct an annual canvas of approximately 30,000 voters in the city in addition to the daily updating of all records, which are entered into the State Computer system and our in-house system, as well as maintaining the State-mandated hard copy files.

Two Registrars are elected, one Republican and one Democrat who are governed by the State and Federal mandates.  Their office is open to serve the public on weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m..  Extended office hours are provided prior to all elections for voter registration.  Mail-in registration is always available.