School Resource Officers

In 1998, the Meriden Police Department, in partnership with the Meriden Board of Education, introduced police officers into the public middle and high schools.  The School Resource Officer program was started as both an enhanced security measure for our public schools and a community relations tool to bring our officers closer to the people we serve.  The program began with two officers assigned to the local high schools and quickly evolved to cover the two middle schools as well.  In 2014 a School Resource Officer was assigned to cover the City's elementary schools.  The School Resource Officer program has had a positive impact on both staff and students.  School Resource Officers hours of work vary by the needs of the school. 

The best way to contact your SRO is by using the email links below:


Lieutenant George DelMastro is a supervisor of the SRO program.  Email

Sergeant Vasco Lacerda is a supervisor of the SRO program.  Email

Officer Laura Harrison is assigned to F.T. Maloney High School.  Email

Officer Dan Verselli is assigned to O.H. Platt High School.  Email

Officer Thomas Giannakopoulos is assigned to Lincoln Middle School.  Email

Officer Margaret Smusz is assigned to Washington Middle School.  Email     

Officer Kenneth Egan is the public Elementary School Resource Officer.  Email