Internal Affairs Unit

The Internal Affairs Unit of the Meriden Police Department is a special investigative arm of the office of the Chief of Police.  The primary responsibility of the Internal Affairs Unit is to investigate all allegations of misconduct by our employees (sworn and non-sworn staff).  Internal Affairs investigators also conduct background checks on all candidates for employment, conducts inspections within the agency, and implements numerous other accountability checks, as well as any other assignments as determined by the Chief of Police. 

The Internal Affairs Unit personnel reports directly to the Chief of Police.  

There are currently two (2) investigators assigned to the Internal Affairs Unit:

Lieutenant Darrin McKay- IA Division Commander (203) 630-6344
Lieutenant Darrin McKay began his career with the Meriden Police Department in December of 1994. After spending 9 years in the Patrol and Community Policing Divisions, he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 2003. He spent the next 8 years as a supervisor within the Patrol Division before being assigned to the Internal Affairs Division in 2011. In April of 2021, he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant at which time he was tasked with taking over as the Internal Affairs Division commander.

Sergeant Michael Boothroyd- IA Sergeant (203) 630-6291
Sergeant Michael Boothroyd began his career with the Meriden Police Department in August of 2000. He began his career in patrol, and served in the Department’s Neighborhood Initiative Unit, as a Traffic Enforcement Unit Officer, and Field Training Officer.  Michael Boothroyd was promoted to Sergeant in July of 2012, and was assigned as a supervisor of First Watch and Second Watch Patrol Shifts. Sergeant Boothroyd also was in-charge of the Police Service Technician (PST) Program until his reassignment into Internal Affairs in April of 2021.  Sergeant Boothroyd can be reached by email or phone.


It is the policy of the Meriden Police Department to accept and investigate all complaints of employee misconduct.  The allegation may encompass rude behavior, conduct, brutality, false arrest, violations of state statutes, civil rights violations, or any wrongdoing on the part of the employee.

Anyone who feels aggrieved by the actions, or inactions, of our employees, may file a complaint with this department.  Complaints will be taken 24-hours-a-day, by any supervising officer (Sergeant or above).  The complaint will be documented on a complaint form and forwarded to the Internal Affairs Unit.  After receiving the complaint, the Internal Affairs Unit will contact the complainant for interview purposes. 

The Internal Affairs Unit may be contacted directly at 203-630-6344, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. 

A fair, objective, and impartial investigation will be completed and the findings will be sent to the Chief of Police, or their designee for review.  The complainant will be notified of these findings.  If warranted, a disciplinary hearing concerning the allegation will be convened.

In many instances we find that these investigations uncover defective procedures that can be changed, greatly assisting us in our efforts to better serve the public.