Emergency Communications

Mission Statement

The mission of the City of Meriden Department of Emergency Communications is to efficiently and compassionately answer the public’s call for emergency service response, perform accurate and timely call handling and priority dispatch services for the public we serve, and to support police, fire and EMS responders in accomplishing their mission.  

Meriden's Emergency Communications Center handles all calls for Police, Fire, and EMS emergencies, calls for service, and general requests for information.  The Emergency Communications Center dispatchers are highly trained in obtaining up-to-date information, crisis management, and managing police and fire resources at multiple incidents.  There are currently 18 certified NCIC Telecommunicators on staff with 24-hour coverage. 

The Emergency Communications Center handles and directs all calls for service for the police department.  Dispatchers will collect vital information regarding each call and set a prioritized response if needed.

Callers should use 911 for urgent potential life-threatening EMERGENCY and for potential IMMEDIATE damage to property.

Callers are advised to consult our phone book for routine calls for other routine police matters or for the numbers to your local fire station as well as numbers to administration for the fire department and the local fire marshal office.


911 is for EMERGENCIES ONLY--please use it wisely. 



Some useful numbers:  
 Police routine numbers (listen to menu for your dept.)

(203) 238-1911

 Police officer for report taking incidents after the fact

(203) 630-6345

 Record Department for reports you need

(203) 630-6237

 Abandoned Vehicle Complaints

(203) 630-6201

 Detective Supervisor

(203) 630-6272

 Fire Department Administration

(203) 630-5868

 Fire Marshal Office

(203) 630-4010

 Child Car Seat Information, Sgt. S. Zajac

(203) 630-6209

 Crime Suppression Unit

(203) 630-6281

 Animal Control Officer       

(203) 235-4179

 Director of Emergency Communications

(203) 630-6269