Tax, Water & Sewer Payments

Where to mail your City Tax payment

On-time tax payments with the payment coupon included should be sent to:

City of Meriden Tax Collector
P.O. Box 150431
Hartford, CT 06115-0431

Where to mail your water/sewer payments

For water/sewer payments, please send directly to the office at:

Meriden Tax Office
142 East Main St, Rm 117
Meriden, CT 06450

Please note that your December bill will contain envelopes with the new PO Box.

On-Line Payment Option
Thank you for selecting this convenient option for paying your property taxes or water/sewer charges.  This system does not have live access to the tax system so you must know your account number and the amount you're paying in order to make this payment.  You can get this information by calling 203-630-4053 Official Payments will charge a service fee; the system will advise you as to the amount before you accept the charge.  You will be given credit for the payment when we receive the transmission from OPay on the following day.  Thank you for your payment.