Meriden Water Division

Pay/View Your Utility Bill

For after hours emergencies, call the Meriden Police Department at 203-238-1911.

For questions regarding your water/sewer bill, please contact the billing office between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 3:30 pm at 203-630-4256 or send an email to Water Customer Service.

Checking your water system for leaks:
1.  Locate the water meter.
2.  Read the meter twice.  Read it first at night, after the day's water use has ended and again in the morning before any water is used.
3.  Find the difference.  Subtract the first from the second reading to tell how much (if any) water leaked out overnight.
4.  Do you suspect a leak?  If there is a difference in the reading, find the leak by checking pipe connections and toilets.

Checking your silent toilet leaks:
1.  Drop a little food coloring in the tank.  DO NOT FLUSH.
2.  Wait for 10 minutes, but do not flush.
3.  If the food coloring appears into the toilet bowl, your toilet has a silent toilet leak.  The leak is probably located in or around the plunger ball or flapper valve at the bottom of the tank.  These leaks are easy to fix with parts from your hardware or home store.

Restoration of water service for non-payment. 
Once payment has been made, in order to restore water service without your presence, please complete the Water Restoration Form and fax to 203-630-4061 or email Michelle Kane,

Customer Awareness Information

Toilet Scenarios

An Act Concerning Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water 

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Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water FAQ's