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The Meriden Water Division will begin flushing hydrants between the hours of 7:00 A.M.

and 3:30 P.M. Monday through Friday. (WEATHER PERMITTING)


Please excuse any discoloration or reduced pressure that may occur during this program.


La División de Agua de Meriden comenzará a descargar los hidrantes entre las 7:00 a.m.

y 3:30 p. m. De lunes a viernes. (EL TIEMPO LO PERMITE)


Disculpe cualquier decoloración o presión reducida que pueda ocurrir durante este programa.





Beginning August 7th 2023 to September 29th 2023 the following areas will be flushed:

Desde el 7 de agosto de 2023 hasta el 29 de septiembre de 2023, se lavarán las siguientes áreas:


Section / Sección #8 – Broad St/East Main St to Swain Ave south to Wallingford Town Line


Section / Sección #9 – East Main St/Parker Ave No. to Route 91 Bridge north to Westfield Rd.


Section / Sección #10 – East Main St/Swain Ave to Paddock Ave to Wallingford Town Line


Section / Sección #11 – East Main St from Bee St to Preston Ave to Town Line.


Section / Sección #12 – All Areas East of I-91/Pomeroy Ave to the Wallingford Town Line


If you have any questions, please call the Meriden Water Division at 203-630-4256 or check the City of Meriden website at www.meridenct.gov or the Public Access Channel, Cox Channel 14 or U-Verse Channel 99.


Gracias por su cooperación. Si tiene alguna pregunta, llame a la División de Agua de Meriden.

al 203-630-4256 o consulte el sitio web de la Ciudad de Meriden en www.meridenct.gov o

el Canal de Acceso Público, el Canal 14 de Cox o el Canal 99 de U-Verse.


Section / Sección #8

Ann St., Ann View Ter., Avery Ave., Barry Ave., Brookdale Rd., Carpenter Ave., Carpenter Ter., Cass St., Cobblestone Ln., Collins Pkwy., Davis St., Dexter Ave., Dryden Dr., East Main St. from Broad St. to Swain Ave., Gardner St., Grace Ct., Hampshire Rd., Hillcrest Ter., Hitchcock Dr., Jimmy La.,  Kennedy Dr., Lawrence Ct., Live Oak Ln., Lou Ann Ter., Louis Dr., Lucia Dr., Lydale Pl., Markham Pl., Marshall Rd., Meetinghouse Rdg., Parker Ave. So., Parker Ave., Sage Hill Rd., Scott St., Sunny Ln., Swain Ave., Thompson Crest, Westwood Cir., Wilbur Ave., Yale Ave.

Flushing of this area should take about one week.


Section / Sección #9

Atkins St., Baldwin Ave., Bar Will Dr., Belvedere Dr., Briar Ln., Briarwood Dr., Broadvale Rd., Canyon Dr., Cherry Hill Ln., Clinton St., Collins Ave., Converse Ave., Converse Cir., Cottage St., Country Club Dr.,

Cricket Dr., David Dr., Dayton Pl., Del Ter., Dogwood La., East Main St (from Swain Ave., to Rt 91 Bridge), Elizabeth Rd., Fols Ave., Genest St., Gilbert Rd., Gravel St., Heine Ave., Horse Shoe Dr., Horton Ave.,

Howard Ave., Huber Ave., Liberty St. from Broad St. to Gravel St., Linda Ct., Lonsdale Ave., Margerie St., Milton Dr., Murray St., Newton St., No. Wall St., North Ct., Orchard St., Orient St., Parker Ave. No.,

Parkside St., Parkway Pl., Pearl St. No., Pearl St., Pinetree Ridge, Reynolds Dr., Ridgewood Rd.,

Shadycrest Rd., South Ct., Sunbright Dr. No., Sunbright Dr. So., Sunset Ave., Wall St., Welles Terr.,

Westfield Rd., White Rd., Williams St., Woodlawn Ter., Woodmere Knoll, Yale Acres Rd.

Flushing of this area should take about one week.


Section / Sección #10

Barr Rd., Beth Ann Cir., Brian Ct., Brooklawn Dr., Cardinal Dr., Carriage Dr.,  Carriage Dr East,

Cartpath Dr., Clover St., Divot Dr., Dogleg Dr., Eagle Ct., East Rd., Elizabeth Ave., Elmhurst Ave.,

Elmwood Dr., Evergreen La., Fairway Dr., Farnes Ave., Glenview Rd., Greenbriar Rd., Harkins Ln.,

Harness Dr., Hart Ave., Hawthorne Ter., Isabelle Dr., Jerome Dr., John George Dr., Kim Ln.,

Long Meadow Dr., Midland Dr., Milici Cir., Millbrook Rd., Miller Ave., (from Swain to Paddock Ave.), Morningside Ave., Murdock Ave., Northfield Rd., O’Brien Dr., Old Farm Rd., Overlook Dr., Oxbow Dr., Paddock Ave., Palmer Dr., Pinehurst Dr., Prann Ct., Putter Pl., Rice Rd., Rockledge Dr., Roseland Ave.,

Royal Oak Cir., Sandy Ln., Schwink Dr., Shaker Ct., Sophia Ct., Spruce Glen Terr., Stephen Dr., Susan Ln., Tokoneke Dr., Tulip Dr., Virginia Dr., Walt Dr., Wedge Dr., Whitney Dr., Wilson Ave., Windy Way,

Yale Ave (from Swain Ave. to Wallingford Townline.

Flushing of this area should take about two weeks.


Section / Sección #11

ALL AREAS EAST OF I-91 and From East Main St North.

Abbey Ln., Alexander Dr., Arlington St. No., Arlington St., Baldwin Ave., Bee St., Boylston St. No.,

Boylston St., Bret Dr., Budding Ridge, Butternut Dr., Butternut Ln., Cedar Hills Rd., Clearfield Dr.,

Courtney Ct., Daffodil Ln., Dagget Dr., East Main St. from Bee St. to Town Line, Fulton St.,

Heather Hgts., Higby Dr., Holiday Hill Rd., Holly Ln., Ivy Dr., Jodi Dr., Lori Ln., Lowe Ave.,

Maple Ave. Ext., Maple Ave., Marlson Rd., Mattabasset Dr., Mayfair Rd., Mayflower Ln.,

Meadow Brook Dr., Meadow Way, Metacomet Dr., Montowese Dr., Morley Dr., Natchaug Dr.,

No Meadow Ln., Orchid Rd., Parker Rd., Patton Dr., Payne Pl., Preston Ave., Preston Dr., Rogers Dr.,

Round Hill Rd., Sachem Cir., Sagamore Rd., Seneca Dr., Sharon Cir., So Meadow Ln., Thurrott Ave., Tumblebrook Rd., Tunxis Cir., Valley View Dr., Wayne Ln., West View Dr., Westfield Rd., Winding Brook Ln.

Flushing of this area should take about two weeks.


Section / Sección #12


Birdsey Ave., Boris Ct., Collindale Dr., Colorado Ct., Cone Ave., Corporate Ct., Deerfield Ln.,

Fleming Rd., High Hill Rd., Humbert St., Ives Ave., Janet Rd., Knollfield Rd., Mildred Rd.,

Morton Rd., Oak Ridge Dr., Pomeroy Ave., Pondview Dr., Research Parkway, Thorpe Ave.,

Wildwood Rd.

Flushing of this area should take about two weeks.

For after hours emergencies, call the Meriden Police Department at 203-238-1911.

For questions regarding your water/sewer bill, please contact the billing office between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 3:30 pm at 203-630-4256 or send an email to Water Customer Service.

Checking your water system for leaks:
1.  Locate the water meter.
2.  Read the meter twice.  Read it first at night, after the day's water use has ended and again in the morning before any water is used.
3.  Find the difference.  Subtract the first from the second reading to tell how much (if any) water leaked out overnight.
4.  Do you suspect a leak?  If there is a difference in the reading, find the leak by checking pipe connections and toilets.

Checking your silent toilet leaks:
1.  Drop a little food coloring in the tank.  DO NOT FLUSH.
2.  Wait for 10 minutes, but do not flush.
3.  If the food coloring appears into the toilet bowl, your toilet has a silent toilet leak.  The leak is probably located in or around the plunger ball or flapper valve at the bottom of the tank.  These leaks are easy to fix with parts from your hardware or home store.

Restoration of water service for non-payment. 
Once payment has been made, in order to restore water service without your presence, please complete the Water Restoration Form and fax to 203-630-4061 or email Michelle Kane, mkane@meridenct.gov.

Customer Awareness Information

Toilet Scenarios

An Act Concerning Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water 

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