Records Division

Department Information

Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) we are required to disclose certain records when a request is made in writing. However, some records may not be available for release due to certain exceptions, or reports may have been destroyed in accordance with state statute.

Accident Reports are available 10 days after the accident has occurred. Please call the department to check on accident report availability.

Incident Reports involving an arrest are not available until the case has released and a final disposition has been received by the Meriden Police Department from the court. Juvenile arrests are not releasable. You must request information through the juvenile court.

Active Investigations In most cases these records are not accessible.

Parking Ticket payments can be made in person or by mailing a check to the police department.

Fingerprinting - this schedule varies week to week. Appointments are not accepted. Please call 203-630-6313 for availability.  

 Report Fees     
Cash or Check only

Requests for police reports must be in writing:

Fax:  203-630-6257

Police Reports (Accident or Incident)                                       Certified copies $1.00 first page
                                                                                                        $.50 each additional page
                                                                                                        Accessing reports for electronic imaging $20.00 fee

Criminal Background Checks                                                      $5.00 

Background Checks are only completed for the City of Meriden. If you need a statewide background check you can visit the Department of Public Safety’s (State Police) website:

CD with photos                                                                              $12.00 per CD

 Alarm Fees 

After four false alarms in a rolling year                           $25.00 Residential

                                                                                              $100.00 Business

Fee for Failure to register an alarm system                     $100.00

                                                                Click here to view the City's Alarm Ordinance

 Other Fees

Fingerprinting                                                                        $10.00 per ink card    

    *Must have photo ID

 Vendor Permits                                                                      $150.00


Soliciting Permits                                                                   $5.00 Background Check Fee

Temporary Pistol Permit                                                       $132.00                      

*This fee includes the cost of fingerprints