Records Division

Department Information

50 West Main St., Meriden, CT 06451
Hours of Operation: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
*excluding holidays

David Puska Records Supervisor 203-630-6256    
Tanya Cardona Records Clerk 203-630-6237      
Roxanne Clark Records Clerk 203-630-6313   
Cynthia DiPalma Records Clerk 203-630-6236
Nicole Olive Records Clerk 203-630-6315      


Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) we are required to disclose certain records when a request is made in writing. However, some records may not be available for release due to certain exceptions, or reports may have been destroyed in accordance with state statute.

Accident Reports are available 10 days after the accident occurred. Accidents are generally available for public release unless an exemption applies. Accidents reports, except fatalities, may be destroyed after ten years.

Active Investigations -  in most cases these records are not accessible.

Uncorroborated allegations - access to these reports is denied by law.

Certain Identities -  the identities of certain individuals are exempted from disclosure by statute: Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Risk of Injury victims and certain witnesses (as well as their signed statements) and confidential sources.

Juvenile Information -  all requests must be made to the Juvenile Court. We are forbidden by law from releasing juvenile arrest information

Parking Ticket - payment can be made in person, M-F 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM at the Records Division or by mailing a check or money order made out to "Meriden Police Department", Records Division, 50 West Main St., Meriden, CT 06451.

Fingerprinting - Tuesdays from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM, and Thursdays from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM. You must pre-enroll at the following website prior to fingerprinting. ( You can obtain the necessary service code to enroll from the entity that is requesting your fingerprints. 


 Report Fees     
Cash or Check only

Requests for police reports must be in writing:

Fax:  203-630-6257

Police Reports (Accident or Incident)   Certified copies $1.00 first page
  $.50 each additional page
  Accessing reports for electronic imaging $20.00 fee
Criminal Background Checks $10.00
  Background Checks are only completed for the City of Meriden. If you need a statewide background check you can visit the Department of Public Safety’s (State Police) website:
CD with Photos Fee based on necessary redaction requirements.  A deposit will be required if such fee is estimated to be ten dollars or more.
CD with Videos Fee based on necessary redaction requirements.  A deposit will be required if such fee is estimated to be ten dollars or more.


 Alarm Fees 

After four false alarms in a rolling year $25.00 Residential
  $100.00 Business
Fee for Failure to register an alarm system $100.00
 Click here to view the City's Alarm Ordinance  


 Other Fees

Fingerprinting $15.00 fee per set
  *Must have photo ID
Vendor Permits $150.00
Soliciting Permits $10.00 Background Check Fee
Temporary Pistol Permit $15.00 Fingerprint Fee
  $70.00 Fee upon issuance 
  Applications for pistol permits can be found here.