Business Safety Tips

The following suggestions from the Meriden Department of Fire and Emergency Services will help minimize your loss of both life and property in the event of a fire or emergency.

  • Utilize the Knox Box System- A “Knox-Box” is a secure wall safe that you may purchase at an affordable cost.  It is installed securely to your building and you provide properly labeled keys to store in the box.  The Fire Department has the only key to access these boxes in the City.  This access will allow the Fire Department to access your property quickly and without forcible entry damage.  The system has been in operation for over ten years nation wide and many Meriden businesses and property owners have installed and utilized them with much success.
  • Properly maintain your fire alarm and sprinkler systems.  Ensure that they are inspected and maintained.  Alarm annunciators should be clearly marked and updated when changes are made.  A legend or layout of the building should be kept with the alarm panel and should include information regarding fire alarm zones and locations.  Ensure Fire Department access to the sprinkler and standpipe systems.  All utility shut offs should be clearly identified and marked. By following the above, you will help minimize property loss and disruption to your business and tenants.  It is your responsibility to notify the Fire Department when you are working on your fire protection and detection systems.  These notifications should be made when a system is going off line and when they go back on line.  Ensure Fire Department access to sprinkler connections and hydrants on your property.  This includes clearing hydrants and connections of snow and ice.
  • Train your employees and tenants to activate the 911 system immediately when an emergency occurs.  A delay further increases the potential for further injury or property loss.  Fire safety and extinguisher training is available through the Fire Department.  Call (203) 630-5868 for further information.
  • Forward updates to your call person-key holder list to the Office of Fire Alarm as you have personnel changes.  This will reduce the amount of time it takes to reach you in the event of an emergency.  Phone 203-630-6269 or write to the Meriden Fire Department, 561 Broad Street, Meriden, Connecticut 06450.

Feel free to offer suggestions or comments about service to the Office of the Fire Chief at 203-630-5868 or write to the address listed above.