Code Enforcement - Housing Division

142 East Main St., Meriden, CT 06450

The City of Meriden Housing Division conducts inspections of rental units throughout the city to determine compliance with the Housing Code and to protect existing housing stock, while at the same time providing for the health, safety and welfare of the general public.  The Housing Code Inspectors respond to complaints from tenants, City departments and social agencies, neighbors and the general public.

The Housing Division also acts as the central tracking agency for the referral system currently used by the City of Meriden. City staff who suspect a code violation enforced by another department would fill out a referral.  The Housing Division then numbers and sends referrals to the appropriate agency for action with quarterly updates done to status.  The Housing Division also maintains the records for the Neighborhood Rehabilitation Advisory Board.

The Housing Division provides:

  • Inspection of rental units for compliance with the Housing Code and issuance of Certificates of Compliance for the units as well as maintaining a referral system.
  • Certificates of Compliance for rental units and rooming house licenses for units that share common kitchens or baths, and for hotels/motels.
  • Complaint forms, applications for Certificates of Compliance, and applications for  Rooming House Licenses.
  • Instructions on how to apply for a Certificate of Compliance/Rooming House license.

Applications for a Certificate of Compliance and Rooming House licenses are available on our website, in the Housing Division office or one can be mailed or faxed to you. The Housing Division, as a courtesy, currently notifies the homeowners when a Certificate or License is due to expire. Follow these steps to apply for a Certificate or License:

  • Submit the completed application along with the appropriate fee (made payable to the City of Meriden- Housing Division).  Mail or drop off the application to the Housing Division office.
  • A Staff member will arrange a date and time for an inspection of the rental unit and/or building.  If the application is mailed, you will be contacted by phone.
  • The results of the inspection will be mailed to you (either violations or the Certificate or License).