The C.I.D.E.W.A.L.K. program's objective is to repair and replace the sidewalks in the City of Meriden.

Funding Options - The City of Meriden will provide up to 65% of the cost and the property owner shall provide the balance of the cost.  The property owner's contribution may be cash/check or as part of a Neighborhood Preservation Program Loan.

Eligibility For Funding - Existing sidewalks and curbing shall be eligible for replacement or repair under this program.  Eligible property owners shall not be delinquent in any taxes, assessments or fees on any real or personal property, nor for any motor vehicle taxes owed to the City of Meriden.

Prioritization   - If the program has more applicants than available funds would allow, prioritization will be determined by a panel of named representatives from the City Manager's Office, Department of Development and Enforcement, and from the Department of Public Works/Engineering.  Prioritization Considerations:

  • Adjacent property owner's application
  • Condition of sidewalks and curbing
  • Property use:  Residential, Non-Profit, Mixed, Commercial/Industrial
  • Proximity to schools
  • Volume of pedestrian traffic

Construction - Participating contractors must be approved by the Engineering Department and must adhere to all Engineering Department requirements and procedures.  Final inspection and approval by the Engineering Department is required prior to disbursement of funds.