Recycling/Trash Pickup

How do I address issues with collection (missed pickup, cans placed in the street, etc)?

Make sure that your trash placement meets the City’s requirements (i.e. placed at curbside by 5 AM, is placed in the appropriate container) and is visible/accessible from the street (i.e. not blocked by cars). If these conditions are met and collection is not occurring, please contact Public Works for Inner City tax district issues or your private hauler if you reside in the outer tax district.

Am I required to have a private hauler if I am not in the inner district?

Yes. Resident are not allowed to dump household waste at the Transfer Station. City health codes do not allow waste to remain for more than seven days, nor do they allow burning or dumping. Therefore, curbside collection via a private hauler is the only viable option.

What time are haulers allowed to start picking up trash?

Haulers may begin collection at 5:00 am. For answers to frequently asked questions regarding not-so-common household items, select and copy the following link:

Why must we recycle?

Chapter 176-7 (Residential recycling) of the City Code requires that all residences and businesses shall separate designated recyclables from other solid waste.

What are the City’s and State’s recycling goals?

To achieve 60% diversion of waste from disposal by the year 2024 by reducing the solid waste and increasing reuse, recycling and composting.