Leased Housing

How do I get on the Section 8 Program?

In order to be eligible to participate on the Section 8 Program you must first be on the waiting list. Certificates/Vouchers are given to persons on the waiting list who applied by date, time and federal preference. The Section 8 waiting list is currently closed, we are not taking applications at this time.

Does the Housing Authority staff find me an apartment once I’m on the program?

No, the Housing Authority staff can provide you with a list of apartments that landlords have listed with us; however, you must see the apartment and work with the landlord regarding occupancy. You may also find rental units in the classified section of the newspaper or with a real estate agent.

If an apartment is on the list, does that mean it already qualifies for Section 8?

No, just because the apartment is on our listing does not mean that it qualifies. If you were interested in the apartment and brought in the appropriate paperwork we would then conduct an inspection.

Do I have to pay the Housing Authority to conduct an inspection?

No, the Housing Authority will conduct the inspection at no cost to the tenant or owner in accordance with HUD regulations. However, the Housing Authority requires that the rental unit have a current Certificate of Compliance (C of C) with the City. One may be obtained through the Housing Division at City Hall for a nominal fee by setting up an appointment with them for inspection (203-630-4092)’ The law requires that all rental units, whether assisted or not, have valid Certificates of Compliance.

How can I do that?

You must receive portable paperwork from the Housing Authority which issued your Certificate or Voucher. This paperwork must be presented to the Housing Authority or Housing Agency where you choose to locate.

How long may I remain on the Section 8 Program?

You may remain on the program as long as 30% of your adjusted gross income does not meet or exceed your entire rent amount. You also must not violate any family obligations under the program regulations. All Certificate/Voucher Holders are required to attend a Briefing Session prior to participation in the Program. This allows Section 8 staff to explain the program in its entirety so the participant understands the rules and regulations of the program. The participant receives his/her Certificate/Voucher at this session.

How much does HUD pay for apartments?

Please keep in mind that HUD does not have a specific dollar $$ amount that ”they” pay for apartments. There are many facets that are involved in setting a $$ dollar amount on a specific rental unit. The rental unit must: 1. Meet the area Fair Market Rent (FMR) set per HUD 2. Meet ‘Rent Reasonableness’ for units of the same type in the unassisted rental units. 3. Consider utilities, appliances and amenities, which may be included with the rent amount. 4. Condition of unit, size of unit, location. 5. Other mitigating factors which may come into play when negotiating a rent amount

Do I have to be on State Welfare in order to be eligible for Section 8 Assistance?

No, however you must be at or below the very low-income limits set by HUD to be eligible. (See income limits below, by family size) 1Person -$ 20,500; 2 People - $23,400; 3 People - $ 26,350; 4 People - $29,250; 5 People - $31,600; 6 People - $33,950; 7 People - $36,250; 8 People - $38,600.

What if I’m working?

You may still be eligible to participate providing your family income does not exceed the income limits for your family size.

How much rent would I pay if I were on Section 8?

Eligible participants pay 30% of their adjusted gross income per month for rent and the Housing Authority sends the difference directly to the landlord.

Where can I live if I’m a Section 8 participant?

A Section 8 Certificate or Voucher holder may take the housing subsidy with them anywhere in the United States or Puerto Rico.