Planning Division

In which zone is my property?

Refer to zoning map in planning office.

What is the setbacks etc?

Refer to lot and bulk requirements - included in the package.

Process & requirement for land use approvals.

(Site plan, subdivision, IWWC, ZBA, Design Review Board) Refer to application forms and checklists included in the package.

What are the permitted uses on the property?

Refer to zoning regulations in planning office.

What permits or approvals does a property have?

Refer to planning office.

Do I have wetlands on my property?

Refer to wetlands map in the planning office.

Are roosters allowed in Meriden?

No, roosters are NOT allowed in Meriden

My neighbor has a rooster that wakes up the neighborhood early every morning. What can be done to help us?

Please call the Zoning Enforcement Officer in the Planning Office with the address and she will send a letter to the owner of the property informing them of Meriden’s zoning rule prohibiting roosters.

Are chickens allowed in Meriden?

Chickens are allowed in Meriden with a Zoning Permit, obtained in the Planning Office, as long as the use is permitted in the particular zone.

Do I need a building permit for a shed?

You will need a Building Permit for a shed that is 200 sq. ft. or larger. You will need a Zoning Permit If the shed is 100-200 sq. ft. You do not need any permit if the shed is under 100 sq. ft.

How close to my property line can I put a shed?

Sheds need to be held away from the rear and side property lines at least 5 feet.

I think my neighbor is building a fence/shed without a building permit. What should I do?

You can call the Building Department with the address to determine whether a permit has been issued. If no permit has been pulled, the site will be inspected and a stop work order issued until a valid permit is obtained.

Can I put my fence right on my property line or do I have to hold it back?

You can put your fence right on your property line, however the Zoning office recommends holding it back about 6 inches for maintenance.

Is there a correct side of the fence to put facing toward a neighbor?

There are no rules about which side of the fence should be facing your neighbor, however it is a polite social norm to put the “good side” facing out.

How tall can my fence be?

Generally speaking, your fence can be six feet tall in the back and side yard and four feet tall in the front yard. Since there are specific setbacks, and corner lots are treated as if they have two front yards, it is best to call the Planning & Zoning office for guidance on fence placement. Any fence higher than six feet tall requires a variance from the ZBA and a survey.

Do I need a permit to put up a line of shrubbery as a “green fence”?

You do not need a permit to plant a line of shrubbery as a fence. However, we do recommend that you hold the shrubs back so they don’t obstruct views from driveways.

My neighbor has a tree that is overhanging my yard/house/car. Can the City tell them to cut it?

A tree that is overhanging your property is a civil matter between you and your neighbor. The City cannot help you with this matter.

I need to know where the boundaries of my property are located. Will the City send out a surveyor?

The City does not survey properties for homeowners. An approximate location of your boundaries is located on the City’s GIS website at

You can also check with the City Clerk to see if a survey was filed with your deed. A list of private surveyors is available in the Planning Office.

Do I need a permit to put up a sign for a business/church?

Yes, you will need to fill out a Building Permit for a sign, including dimensions of the sign and a rendering.

I would like to start a “Cottage Business” out of my house. Do I need permission to do that?

Yes, you will need to apply for a Variance with the ZBA for a home occupation.

Can the City tell me whether a certain lot is buildable or not?

The Planning office can tell you what is allowed by right per zoning district and the setbacks for building a structure, but it is up to an architect or engineer to determine whether a lot is “buildable” or not.

My neighbors are noisy, what can the City do to help me?

Noise is not regulated by Zoning, so all noise complaints should be directed to the Police Department.

My family wants to put a pool in our back yard. Do we need a permit?

Yes, you need to get a permit from the Building Department. They have a packet of information about requirements for pools within the packet, including setbacks, electrical, and fencing.

My neighbor is parking his large tractor trailer on the street in front of his house and is hindering the flow of traffic and site lines. Can the City help with this?

The Zoning Enforcement Officer can send a letter to the resident letting him know that the parking of commercial vehicles in residential neighborhoods is not allowed. The best thing to do would be to call the Police Department so that they can come out and issue a warning or a ticket.

Someone on my street is repairing vehicles out of their garage and it’s a nuisance. Is this allowed?

Repairing vehicles without a State of CT Certificate of Location Approval, obtained through the Zoning Board of Appeals, is not allowed. If you can call the Zoning Enforcement Officer with the address of the property, she can send a letter out requesting them to cease the activity.

My neighbor’s drainpipe is draining into my back yard and is creating a swamp. Can the City help with this?

Unfortunately, this is a private matter between neighbors. If, for instance, the drainage pipe was determined to be on City property, then the Engineering Department would be able to help with this issue.

Why did the City decide to put (name a certain business) on (name a certain street)?

The City and the Planning Department do not determine where certain businesses are located. After a business chooses a location that fits their needs and is for sale, the business will submit applications and site plans to the appropriate planning and zoning boards and commissions for approval. These commissions are coordinated through the Planning Office.

I have a tree in front of my house and I don’t know if it’s on my property or the City’s property. I would like to have it cut down. Who should I call?

The Parks Department is in charge of trees. Chris Bourdon is the Tree Warden and he will take a look at the tree in question and let you know if the tree is on City property or if it needs to be taken down. A tree will not be taken down simply because a homeowner no longer wants it; the tree must be dying, damaged, causing danger, or some other extenuating circumstance in order for it to be cut down.

How many feet away from the street does my property start? –OR- How much land from the street does the City own?

The Planning Department does not have this information. However, the Engineering Department might have information on location of Right of Way lines. You can look at the GIS map to see an approximate location of your boundaries however the GIS is not entirely accurate. A survey by a licensed surveyor is required to show exactly where your property lines are located.