Environmental Health Forms and Applications

Please click on the blue links below to download Environmental Health forms and applications. After each form and application is a link to local city code referencing our mandated functions to enforce each code.

Application for Building Conversion

Application for Repair of an Existing Private Sewage Disposal System

Barbershop, Hairdressing, Cosmetology Shops License Application, Plan Review, and Checklist - Please refer to Chapter 70 of Meriden City Code

Food Facility Review Plan Form and Checklist - Please refer to Chapter 112 of Meriden City Code.

Food Service License Application (English)Solicitud de licencia de servicio de alimentos - Please refer to Chapter 112 of Meriden City Code

Freedom of Information Request for Copies to Public Records

Issuance of New Food Service License

Itinerant Vendor License Application

List of Current Fees (current as of April 26, 2022)

Permit to Construct a Subsurface Sewage Disposal System

Pool Permit Application - Please refer to Chapter 185 of Meriden City Code

Subsurface Sewage Disposal System Plan Review Fee for New Construction

Temporary Food Service Guidelines and Application (English and Spanish)

Tick Submission Form


Guidelines for Food Service Establishments to Safely Reopen after a Power Outage.

Bulk Water Hauling at Food Establishments

Interim Measures for E. Coli Contamination/Water Supply Interruption at Food Service Establishments

Guidelines for Reopening a Food Service Establishment after a Water Emergency

Water Emergencies at Food Service Establishments