FDA Food Code Adoption

On February 17, 2023, the Department of Public Health Food Protection Program transitioned from the current food code to the 2022 FDA Code.

Some of the major changes are:

  • Class II, III, & IV food establishments will be required to have PIC (Person in Charge) that is a trained Certified Food Protection Manager on site at all times.

  • Qualified Food Operators (QFOs) will become known as the Certified Food Protection Managers. See below  under "Resources" for a list of approved testing organizations.

  • Violations will no longer be debit as points. Inspection forms will be marked as one of the following IN or Out of compliance. N/A (not applicable) or N/O (not Observed).

  • Failures are no longer based on a score below an 80 or at least one 4 point item but instead a debit for a Priority Item. Failures will now be referred to as requires reinspection. The following are correction timeframes based on FDA.

    • Priority violations need to be corrected with 72 hours

    • Priority foundation violations - 10 days

    • Core violations - 90 days