Public Notice Registry

Per state law, the City will keep a Public Notice Registry of landowners, electors and non profit organizations qualified as tax-exempt organizations.  A landowner, elector or organization may request notice be sent by mail or by electronic mail of any Zoning Commission or Planning Commission action regarding adoption or change of any zoning regulation or boundary or any subdivision regulation or regarding the preparation or amendment of the Plan of Conservation and Development.  To be placed on the Registry send a letter to:
      Planning Division
      City Hall, Room 132
      142 East Main Street
      Meriden, CT 06450

Simply note: “Please add (Supply Name of Landowner, Voter, Organization) to the Public Notice Registry.  Send notices to:  (Supply Meriden property mailing address).” 

If you do not have a Meriden address, please otherwise explain your request. 

The name and address of a landowner, elector or qualified tax-exempt organization who requests to be placed on the public notice registry shall remain on such registry for a period of three years after the establishment of such registry.  Thereafter any land owner, elector or organization may request to be placed on such registry for additional periods of three years.