Mission, Progress and Strategy

Meriden Linear Trail Advisory Committee (MLTAC)

  • 2020 Chairperson Robert A. Marchetti

The mission of the Meriden Linear Trail Advisory Committee is to advise the City of Meriden in identifying opportunities for the development and management of multi-purpose non-motorized trails in the City of Meriden. The committee works with city and state governmental agencies, outdoor enthusiasts and other interested parties to create a network of quality multi-purpose trails for recreation, transportation, economic development, education and enjoyment of present and future generations in the City of Meriden.

The Committee consists of ten volunteer members meeting monthly on the first Thursday in City Hall, Meriden. Meetings are open to the public with public input encouraged, and welcome. 
Successful organizations, cognizant of its mission, take periodic measure of its progress, review the strategy and adjust as needed. Below is that review addressed at the August 2014 MLTAC meeting.

Meriden Linear Trail Advisory Committee (MLTAC)
      Formed  2001, by Mayor Joseph Marinan, Jr.; Chairman Michael Rohde
      Reorganized  2005, by Mayor Mark Benigni; Chairman Joseph Zajac

Quinnipiac River Gorge Trail (Phase 1)
      Ground-breaking  Spring 2006
      Grand opening  November 2007
      Location  along the Quinnipiac River gorge in South Meriden
      Termini  Cheshire town line & Red Bridge
      Length 1.3 miles (2.6 miles round trip)
      Designated CT Greenway - July 2012
      Connector Trail (completed with Phase 2)
      Location  Dossin Beach
     Termini  Quinnipiac River Gorge Trail & Hanover Pond Trail
      Length  0.3 miles (0.6 miles round trip)
Hanover Pond Trail (Phase 2)
      Ground-breaking  October 2012
      Grand opening October 2013
      Location  along Hanover Pond and Sodom Brook in South Meriden
      Termini  Dossin Beach & Platt High School
      Length  0.8 miles (1.6 miles round trip)
      Designated CT Greenway - June 2014
Harbor Brook Trail 
      Associated with (and dependent upon) flood control channel work
      Design work  mid-2016, or later
      Ground-breaking  mid-2020, or later
      Location  paralleling Harbor Brook from South Meriden to downtown Meriden
      Termini  Hanover Pond Trail near H.C. Wilcox School & Hanover Street near courthouse
      Length ~1.9  miles (~3.8 miles round trip)
Downtown Linear Trail (Hub Project, Transit Oriented Development Area)
      Associated with construction of the flood control retention area and park in the Hub
      Construction  anticipated completion in Summer 2021
      Location  along Hanover Street and within the Hub park in downtown Meriden
      Termini  Hanover Street near courthouse, and Mill Street on the edge of the Hub park
      Length  ~0.5 miles (~1.0 miles round trip)
Future Meriden Linear Trail System
      Overall Length (after completion of Harbor Brook Trail) ~4.8 miles (~9.6 miles round trip)
      SCRCOG Meriden Linear Trails Study
      Parks, neighborhoods, schools, and businesses connected by a network of linear trails

    Rob Marchetti., Chairman, MLTAC (October 2019)