Documents and Forms - English

Marriage Licenses

Marriage Licenses are issued, by appointment only, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

You may schedule an appointment in person (City Clerk, City Hall, Room 124, Main Floor), by phone at (203) 630-4030 or by email at

Birth/Marriage/Death Certificates

These documents are now available online. Click HERE to access them.

Other Documents and Forms (in English)

Affidavit to Identify A Void Racially Restrictive Covenant

Application for Appointment to the Office of the Justice of the Peace (for non-majority party and unaffiliated electors)

Application for Dog License

Identification and Renunciation of a Void and Unlawful Restrictive Covenant Form

Birth Certificate Request Form

Certificate of Change of Name

General Claim Form

Mailbox Claim Form

City Resolution - Damaged Mailbox Policy

Pothole Damage Claim Form

Death Certificate Request Form

Fair Rent Commission Complaint Form

Marriage Application Requirements

Marriage Application

Marriage Certificate - Application for Certified Copy of

Trade Name Certificate

Trade Name Cancellation Certificate

Vital Statistics Affidavit Form

Make Payments Online

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 Basic Fee Schedule:  
Birth Certificate  $15.00 or $20.00
Marriage License  $50.00
Certified copy of birth, death or marriage  $20.00
Removal Permits  $5.00
Burials  $5.00
Cremations  $5.00
You can also email your requests and claims to: