Frequently Asked Questions

Who will conduct the water service line inspections?
MWD has partnered with Arcadis to complete these inspections. Arcadis staff will be on site to complete the basement inspections and can be identified by Arcadis contractor photo badges. Both MWD staff and Arcadis will work on the inspections at the curb stop. Please call MWD at 203-630-6354 with any questions or concerns.

How do I know if my water service line is made of lead?
Identification of the type of material used for service lines and in-home plumbing can be done using a magnet and a coin or key following instructions from Customer Self-Identification fact sheet.

How does lead get into drinking water?
Meriden Water Division (MWD) is committed to providing a safe source of drinking water to its customers and works tirelessly to keep that commitment. MWD treats, tests, and distributes high-quality drinking water to you and the community. The water MWD provides every day is lead-free when it leaves the treatment plant and meets all EPA Drinking Water Standards. After water leaves the MWD water main, however, it may be exposed to lead as it flows through a lead service line and into in-home plumbing and fixtures. Not all homes contain lead service lines or fixtures. If your home was built before 1986, its service line may be made of lead. Make sure that any plumbing fixtures you install are certified to be lead-free. The service line connects the water main, which distributes water throughout the community, to your home’s plumbing.

What is a service line and who owns it?
A service line is a pipe that connects the water main in the street to your household plumbing. The water service line is the responsibility of the property owner with a portion installed by them and a section put in the street by MWD. Either side could be made of lead, which could affect water quality inside a home.


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Lead Free Meriden Hotline: 203-630-6354

Visit the US EPA website on lead
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