List of Non-Flushable Items


F.O.G. (Fats, Oil, Grease)

  • Found in: meat fats, lard/shortening, baking goods, butter/margarine, cooking oil, sauces, dairy products
  • Why: continuous build-up causes eventual blockage of sewer pipes which can cause sewage blockage/back up in streets/homes 

Personal Hygiene Products

Absorbant pad products such as feminine products and bladder control pads, baby wipes, diapers (both infant and adult), rags, paper towels, wipes (both infant and adult even if it's labeled flushable!)

Why: these products can cause sewer blockages/back up, as well as damage expensive equipment and pumps at the waste water treatment plant.


Why: our wastewater treatment system is not designed to remove pharmaceuticals from the water, therefore they pass untreated into the Quinnipiac River where they can effect aquatic life. 

Petroleum products

  •     Used or new oils, gasoline, diesel fuel, heating fuels, etc.

Hazardous chemicals

  •      Household or industrial such as solvents, paints, paint thinners, pesticides, etc.

Why: these chemicals are a potential explosion hazard in our sewer system, placing workers in harms way and they are toxic to our biological treatment process. 


Additional items not to be discharged into sanitary sewer

  • Groundwater[basement] sump pumps
  • Foundation drains
  • Storm leaders
  • Yard drains