Smoke Detector Tips

Properly installed smoke detectors can double your chances of surviving a fire.  Here is a short list of tips to help ensure your safety:

  • Batteries in smoke detectors should be changed twice a year
  • A good way to remember this is to change your smoke detector batteries when you change the time on your clocks in the spring and fall
  • Smoke detectors that are wired directly to the home’s electrical system need to have battery back up
  • If these detectors don’t, install a battery operated detector in the area of the hardwired detector
  • Smoke detectors should be inspected and tested monthly
  • Smoke detectors should be cleaned yearly
  • Since heat and smoke rise, it is best to place your detectors on the ceiling; however, avoid anything that would obstruct airflow (i.e. corners, ceiling fans and vents)
  • Remember, smoke detectors have a limited life span and the entire unit needs to be replaced every 10 years. Smoke detectors save lives