City Launches Project to Identify What Material Residential Water Service Lines Are Made of

The Meriden Water Division (MWD), in conjunction with Arcadis, has launched a project (Lead Free Meriden) to identify the materials that residential water service lines are made of across the city, as part of requirements of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Lead and Copper Rule Revisions regulations.

Water service lines are the pipes that connect each home to the MWD water distribution system. MWD has created an initial inventory of lead service lines based on construction records, but those records incomplete.

In the coming months, utility crews will be conducting field inspections to collect more information for the inventory. Inspections will involve either observation where the service line enters your home (usually the basement) or digging a test pit near the water cut-off valve in in front of your home - usually found near the curb or edge of street.

As an alternative to the field inspection, residents are invited to conduct their own self-identification inspection by completing this online inspection.