Meriden Police Department Establishes Tip Line

      The Meriden Police Department wants to create a stronger partnership with its residents. In order to reduce gun violence and violent crimes within our City, we ask our community to join our mission. We at the Meriden Police Department understand that the best crime prevention asset we have is our relationship with our citizens.

We are committed and determined in protecting our community and urge anyone that wishes to come forward to assist the police department in ensuring a safer community, to please do so. Working in partnership, we will be able to make great strides in making our streets safer for all to enjoy.

The Meriden Police Department has established an anonymous and confidential tip phone line and email address. We strongly encourage our residents to feel comfortable in using them for the betterment of this city.

                                                 **Thank you residents of Meriden**


MAJOR CRIMES TIPS                                                                                            

By telephone:  203-630-6253       

By E-Mail: 



By telephone:  203-630-6273    

By E-Mail:


Det. Sgt. H. Cardona Jr.

50 West Main St Meriden, CT 06451