City of Meriden Has Announced that High School Football Will Proceed this Fall 

September 24, 2020




City of Meriden Has Announced that High School Football Will Proceed this Fall 

MERIDEN- The City of Meriden announced today, September 23, 2020, that the High School football season will proceed for the 2020 fall season. While the City does not recommend that game play occur, which is the current Department of Health and local health department recommendation, the City recognizes that the game of football will occur nonetheless.  This would occur either as a club sport or with individuals making the choice to compete in private leagues, both of which would have game play outside of the City and outside the ability to manage player exposure.

"At this time, Meriden has elected to permit the sport of football to be played in the fall,” said City Manager Tim Coon. “The Meriden Department of Health and Human Services and I have provided requirements that will mitigate the risk of COVID-19 exposure. The intention behind the requirements is to keep the student-athletes, coaches and support staffs at the lowest exposure risk possible during the season.”

The City looks to lessen the risk of COVID-19 exposure by permitting high schools to play football games with the following requirements:

  • Any positive test for COVID 19, by any player, coach, assistant coach, or any other individual involved with a high school team that is deemed by the Director of Health and Human Services to have exposed the team, will require that entire team to quarantine for the required 14 days.
  • If the State of Connecticut COVID positivity rate exceeds 5% on any day during the football season, game play, at a minimum will be halted. Additionally, if the State in any of its ministerial decisions, indicates that game play will be halted, that also will conclude high school football game play.
  • High school football in Meriden will be conducted under the Football Return to Action Plan. The State of CT Reopen Rules for Sports must also be followed. Violations of the Reopen Rules may lead to games being halted/seasons being cancelled.

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