Outdoor Dining and Retail

Outdoor Dining and Retail

Per the Governor's Executive Order 7MM (click here for Order), the City of Meriden has been enabled to issue temporary Dining and Retail permits during the declared State of Emergency.

Please fill out the permit below and submit it to the Planning Department if you wish to establish a temporary outdoor area. 

Temporary Outdoor Dining and Retail Permit

Guidelines for Temporary Outdoor Dining and Retail Permit

Formularios abajo en español

Permiso temporal para comer al aire libre y comercios

Pautas para comidas temporales al aire libre y venta minorista

  • Permit specifics
    • The temporary permit is free
    • The temporary permit is for the duration of the State of Emergency 
    • The dining or retail activity can be located on your property or on an adjacent/nearby property with permission
    • Setbacks have been temporarily suspended (with the exception of health and safety)