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Transition to new HSA Banking Custodian

Due to recent unexpected current vendor, Simsbury Bank, HSA banking fee service changes,  effective July 2018, The City of Meriden has designated HSA Bank (a subsidiary of Webster bank),  as the sole HSA banking vendor.  Banking with HSA Bank will include free online banking, free online bill pay, and free debit card/Webster bank.  The City of Meriden will forward HSA contributions from the City of Meriden beginning in July 2018 from Simsbury Bank to HSA Bank.  During  the month of June, The City will open an HSA account in your name at HSA Bank, and no further contributions will be made to your account at Simsbury Bank.  To avoid paying monthly service fees with Simsbury Bank, you must authorize the City of Meriden to transfer the balance of your HSA from Simsbury Bank to HSA Bank.  

For further information about HSA Bank, please view attached or visit online: http://www.hsabank.com/hsabank/homepage

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