Summary of Project Funding Sources

 Site Characteristics

The Meriden HUB site encompasses approximately fifteen acres and comprises an entire city block in Meriden’s central business area.  It is bounded to the northwest by State Street, to the northeast by Mill Street, to the southeast by Pratt Street and to the southwest by East Main Street. The site is comprised of two parcels.  It is a part of a larger planned redevelopment area that is specified in the City Center Initiative (CCI) Plan.  In addition to a variety of economic development opportunities, the CCI Plan provides for improved access to and from Interstate 691 and improved gateway enhancements.


Overall Project Description

This project involves reuse of the entire brownfield site. The City has title to the property. Committed State of CT funds are currently supporting the demolition of a vacant, flooded, blighted, 150,000 square foot structure.  The larger HUB development project will daylight the underground Harbor Brook and create flood control infrastructure needed to eliminate flooding in and downstream of the central business area. Plans call for the site to be transformed into a city center park with transit oriented economic development. 


This project will have positive economic impact on Meriden’s downtown area, the city center area, the City of Meriden and south central Connecticut municipalities along the Interstate 91 corridor. In addition, positive economic benefit will accrue to all municipalities along the State’s planned New Haven to Springfield commuter rail service line.  The project is adjacent to the commuter service rail stop. Parking garage improvements serving commuter rail and an intermodal transportation center will be constructed as part of the project.


The development of an intermodal transportation center in Meriden is a vital component of the City’s downtown redevelopment efforts and will provide increased access into and out of the downtown area via existing transportation systems while allowing the City of Meriden to begin to attract new businesses, commuters and residents to the downtown area. 



Funding sources- committed funds and applications for funding to date

  •  CTDECD $250,000 -Grant for Redevelopment Plan and Market Analysis- HUB area- Committed/ Work Completed   BL Companies completed an initial redevelopment concept plan for this 15-acre site and the 43 acres adjacent to and north of the site.  CTDECD provided a $250,000 grant to a non-profit development company, MERG, $250,000 grant to conduct a market study and gather the information necessary for a municipal development plan for this larger redevelopment area.  
  • USEPA –Targeted Site Assessment Grant- HUB Site- Committed/ Work Completed    In 2005, the City received a grant from the US Environmental protection Agency under its targeted site assessment program.  This in-kind grant funded a Phase II environmental site assessment.  Metcalf & Eddy (M&E) performed this work. The Phase II indicated that additional Phase II testing needed to be done.
  •  CTDEP-Phase II Work- Committed/Work Completed   CTDEP funded the remaining Phase II work through USEPA funds to the State of Connecticut. CEE completed this work in late 2005. The work plan included testing for contamination of soil and groundwater beneath the former mall building.
  • CTDECD $2 Million Dollar Grant for Demolition of HUB Building – Committed/ Work in Process   CTDECD provided a $2 million grant to the City for demolition of the HUB building.  TRC Environmental Corp was hired in April 2006 to develop a hazardous material removal plan, demo specifications and assist the city in managing all demolition work. Demolition will be completed by June 2007. The work will be completed under budget.
  • USEPA- Water Program- $144,300 grant for Phase III and RAP- Committed/ Work in Process   Milone & MacBroom and Metcalf & Eddy have been hired to do this work.   M&E have begun working on the Phase III and an interim remediation plan.
  •  USEPA- Brownfields Clean UP Grant- $200,000/ CTDECD/ CTDEP Urban Sites Application – Committed / Work in Process   USEPA recently awarded a clean-up grant for the site. It will be used to implement an interim remediation plan once the large building on site has been demolished.


City of Meriden- $176,150  for Engineering/ Design Work for HUB Site- Committed/Work  in Process The City hired Milone & MacBroom who are in the process of designing three planning concepts for the HUB site that incorporate an intermodal transportation center.  M&M will do final designs and help the City bid the project.


Harbor Brook Flood Control Project Plan- To date, approximately $15,000,000 has been spent to alleviate reoccurring flooding.  Of that sum, approximately $7,200,000 has been from City funds and $7,800,000 was funding  obtained from either State or Federal programs   Elimination of flooding in the Harbor Brook flood plain is critical to the successful economic development of the central city and downtown areas, as well at to controlling flood damage in other areas of Meriden and further downstream. Without assurance that historic flood damage will not recur, economic development efforts on the Hub property and surrounding area will not be successful. The City is actively seeking further funding from state and federal sources, and has reserved City funds for this ongoing project.  Flood control work on the Hub site involves the day lighting and restoration of Harbor Brook and the development of the site for flood detention in extreme storm conditions.


Preliminary Grant Preapplication to US Economic Development Administration- Submitted but not Committed  $2 million application for infrastructure work.  Requirements: equal match and creation of 200 jobs.