High School Study Committee, Ad-Hoc


Michael S. Rohde, Mayor - Ex-Officio
Mark Hughes, President, Board of Education

Councilor Brian Daniels, CH

14 Colorado Ct.


Councilor George McGoldrick

91 Harvard Avenue 


Councilor Dante’ Bartolomeo

167 Reynolds Drive 


Thomas Bruenn, Board of Education

66 Matabasset Drive 

High School Building Review 
Presentation by City Manager Larry Kendzior 1/19/2010 

21st Century Schools
Presentation by Superintendent Mary Cortright

High School Building
Presentation by Asst. Superintendent Glen Lamontagne

High School Construction Cost Analysis 
Presentation by Fletcher Thompson 1/19/2010

Maloney High School Education Specifications

Platt High School Education Specifications


Attachment 1 - Final Report of High School Curriculum/Planning Sub Committee  
Attachment 2 - Construction Cost Analysis 
Attachment 3 - Estimate of Future Enrollment   
Attachment 4 - The CT Plan -  Academic & Personal Success for Every Middle & H.S. Student 
Attachment 5 - Feasibility Study of Platt and Maloney High Schools 
Attachment 6 - Plan of Conservation and Development
Attachment 7 - Energy Efficiency Study of CT Schools
Attachment 8 - LEED 2009 For Schools New Construction and Major Renovation
Attachment 9 -  Arial Photo of Platt High School
Attachment 10  -  Source Water Assessment Report - An Evaluation of the Susceptibility of Public Drinking Water Sources to Potential Contamination 
Attachment 11 - CT State Dept of Education - Site Analysis Form ED-053 
Attachment 12 -  Map of Properties Viewed for Future High School Sites
Attachment 13 - Interdistrict Magnet Middle School - Site Selection Analysis
Attachment 14 - Funding Comparison Charts, Payment Schedule & Effect on Mill Rate


Platt High School Design Drawings

Maloney Site Design
Maloney High School - Phasing Plan
Maloney Pool Level Plan
Maloney Upper Level Plan
Maloney Main Level Plan
Maloney Lower Level Plan