Hidden in Plain Sight

Meriden Health Dept, 165 Miller Street, 2nd Floor, Teen Conference Room

Hidden in Plain Sight is a presentation for adults and parents to raise awareness of signs that may point to risky adolescent behaviors. Open to adults only, this program recreates a mock teenagers bedroom that parents, grandparents, educators, caregivers and other adults can explore to identify hidden drug paraphernalia, and warning signs associated with drug or alcohol abuse by a teen. As part of this program, a Prevention Specialist guide attendees, explain various substance use trends, and identify signs and symptoms to watch for.

This event is free and open to the public (even non-Meriden residents). Please RSVP to Megan Fitzsimons, Meriden Healthy Youth Coalition, at 203-630-5357 or Megan.fitzsimons@hhchealth.org.

Hidden in Plain Sight flyer