Support Services to Non-Public Schools

Support Services to Non-Public Schools

Phone: 203-630-4238


Services are provided by members of a multi-disciplinary team that work together with school staff to assess, recommend, and implement appropriate support services in the areas of social work services, speech/language therapy, and school psychology.

Four non-public schools receive these services:

Carver Academy

MidState Christian Academy

Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Connecticut Christian Academy

Our Staff:

1. The School Social Worker facilitates the assessment of students experiencing behavioral and/or emotional difficulties that impact their academic performance in the school setting.

2. The Speech/Language Pathologist provides speech and language  therapy for children with language, articulation, fluency and voice disorders.

3. The School Psychologist provides pre-referral interventions and psycho-educational evaluations when students are referred for academic, behavioral, and/or emotional difficulties.