Fall Leaf Collection and Disposal

The City of Meriden Highway Division collects curbside leaves free-of-charge for City residents usually starting the second week of November and lasting until mid-December

* Residents do not have to make appointments.

* Leaf collection typically occurs Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

* Only leaves in biodegradable bags weighing less than 50 pounds will be collected.

* The use of duct tape is not permitted.

* Leaves in plastic bags will not be collected.

* Woody brush is not collected. This may be delivered to the Transfer Station free of charge.

* The City does not collect leaves in the spring.

* Keep leaves, branches, rocks and other miscellaneous debris out of the street.

* Do not place leaves, trash or other debris into catch basins, storm inlets or watercourses.

The Transfer Station is open daily from November 1st to December 15th between 8:00 AM and 2:00 PM for the disposal of leaves and brush. Only leaves and brush will be accepted outside of normal transfer station hours.