Points of Interest

The City of Meriden has compiled the following Points of Interest:

 Hunter Golf Course  688 Westfield Road
 Hubbard Park/Castle Craig  West Main Street
 Westfield Shoppingtown Meriden  470 Lewis Avenue
 National Shaving & Barbershop Museum  
 The Frank Chiaremica Museum of Glass  
 The Curtis Memorial Library 175 East Main Street 
 Solomon Goffe House  667 North Colony Street
 Andrews Homestead  424 West Main Street
 Meriden Arts Council  Box 2334, Meriden, CT 06451
 Meriden-Markham Municipal Airport  213 Evansville Avenue
 MidState Medical Center  135 Lewis Avenue
 Thomas Edison Middle School  1355 North Broad Street
 Meriden Transit District  22 West Main Street
 Meriden Business & Learning Center  500 South Broad Street
 Meriden Historical Society  424 West Main Street
 Labor Department  290 Pratt Street
 Social Security Administration  470 Murdock Avenue
 State Department of Social Services  55 West Main Street
 YMCA  110 West Main Street
 Police Department  50 West Main Street
 City Hall  142 East Main Street
 Public Library  105 Miller Street
 Board of Education  22 Liberty Street
 Health & Human Services Department  165 Miller Street
 Max E. Muravnick Senior Center  22 West Main Street
 Public Works Department  55 Michael Drive
 Sewage Treatment Plant  Evansville Avenue
 Water Bureau  117 Parker Avenue
 Superior Court  54 West Main Street
 Parks & Recreation Department  460 Liberty Street
 Meriden Humane Society  311 Murdock Ave
 Public Parks  (please see phone book)
 Firehouses :  
    Engine Company 1  168 Chamberlain Highway
    Engine Company 2  61 Pratt Street
    Engine Company 3 (Headquarters)  561 Broad Street
    Engine Company 4  260 Sherman Avenue
    Engine Company 5  1075 East Main Street
    South Meriden Volunteer Fire  31 Camp Street